When safflower oil is not enough. Give castor oil a go!

Safflower oil seems to be quite an intriguing natural product, yet it happens to be hard to find in stores. Also, the tasks it handles are limited. This makes you wonder whether it’s a good idea to use only safflower oil to boost the appearance of your hair. Especially after realizing that your hair seems to like castor oil better. Meet the finest castor oil of all – Nanoil Castor Oil.

Treating hair with natural oils is incredibly popular nowadays. Not many people though know that the origins of this beautifying procedure have their roots in Asian countries. This region is the realm of natural oils that play there a huge beautifying role by protecting hair and skin against the burning sun. Nowadays, we keep reaching for natural oils to achieve more than just protection – we do this to improve moisture, nourishment, regenerate and bring out this natural beauty of our hair.

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Safflower and castor oil: Comparison

Two commonly used hair oils are safflower and castor. The former appears to be less popular, yet it offers a fairly high concentration of nutrients. The latter in turn is recognized as the best-selling natural oil offering hair growth boosting properties.

Which oil has more hair benefits? Castor or safflower?

  1. As the only one, castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which is known for its bactericidal properties, and this aids in eliminating dandruff.
  2. In terms of hair reinforcement and growth acceleration, it’s the castor oil that works better that safflower oil.
  3. What’s important, castor oil can be use to condition more than just hair; you can use it to treat eyelashes and eyebrow as well.
  4. Castor oil is thicker and richer in nutrients therefore you need less drops of it to apply to hair/skin.
  5. It’s applied to scalp mainly to deliver nourishment and moisture as well as to reinforce hair bulbs.
  6. Not only does castor oil take care of scalp but also makes hair stronger, leaves it shiny and darker.

Nanoil Castor Oil: The master of hair oil treatment

NanoilMini_CastorOilAmong all the oils suitable to be used in hair oil treatment, Nanoil Castor Oil seems to be the most favorable one. Although it doesn’t contain large concentrations of omega acids nor is it the richest source of vitamins (surely its weaker than avocado oil), castor oil is commonly used to strengthen and help hair grow.

Applying castor oil by Nanoil to scalp and strands is a fast track to achieve full of shine, strong, thicker, darker and more manageable hair that stops falling out and grows definitely faster. When it comes to additional benefits of using castor oil – providing that you apply it regularly – you can expect the scalp to be less irritated and healthier. Also, you will combat seborrhea and dandruff.

Why is Castor Oil by Nanoil so good?

There are many places where you can buy castor oil, even pharmacies have it in their regular offer. Still, it’s Nanoil Castor Oil that is the best one. It’s worth getting Nanoil version of pure castor oil because this brand offers the highest quality product that is: NanoilMiniCastorOildropper

  • cold-pressed and unrefined.
  • based on 100% pure castor oil.
  • free from additives.
  • bio-compatible with our skin.

What’s important, Castor Oil by Nanoil can be applied to skin, not only to hair. It’s highly effective when used as a makeup remover in oil cleansing method. Just combine it either with water or other light beauty oil and apply to face skin. Castor oil will free your skin from sebum, colour cosmetics, impurities and bacteria. Gradually, face skin will be getting smoother, even (no discolorations or acne), radiant and simply more beautiful.

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