Heated discussions on safflower oil doesn't seem to go to rest. There can be said plenty about this oil - its effective, works perfectly on medium porosity hair, contains a lot of valuable nourishing substances. However, one thing remains as the point of issue - from what is safflower oil obtained? The answer is: not from saffron!

The name of safflower oil can be confusing. Logic says that it should be obtained from saffron. However, from crocus is obtained no oil. Saffron is a name of very expensive spice and... that's it.

What's with the saffron and safflower?

Safflower oil is obtained from Carthamus tinctorius. So, where does the confusion come from? Back in the day, safflower was used as a cheaper substitute of saffron. It was called the "bastard saffron".

What is safflower oil action?

It is worth to start with, most of all, what safflower oil contains. The content of nourishing substances is important enough to determine the safflower oil action. It is said that safflower oil is mainly great source of vitamin E. There is about 34% of it. This makes safflower oil have rejuvenating properties on hair, eliminate effects of cells ageing, e.g. excess hair loss, baldness. It protects hair against harmful free radicals.

Beside vitamin E, safflower oil contains also high amount of essential fatty acids. Saturated fatty acids are present in trace amounts. There is a bit more plyunsaturated fatty acids (around 14% of linoleic acid). The greatest amount in safflower oil is of monounsaturated fatty acids (around 75% oleic acid). Such amount of acids in safflower oil makes it oil with great moisturising, nourishing and strengthening properties. Under its influence hair become more elastic, smooth and healthy.

What hair type will like safflower oil?

Based on the amount of fatty acids in safflower oil, it can be said that this oil is perfect solution for medium porosity hair. If your hair are not entirely healthy, their condition seems to deteriorate, they frizz during the day, are difficult to tame and become matte, your hair can have medium porosity. Precisely for them, safflower oil can offer protection. It will also improve their condition and do not allow worsening.

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