Saffron Oil, Safflower Oil: How to oil your hair to make it beautiful?

Safflower Oil (Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil) is often confused with an exclusive and expensive Saffron (Crocus Sativus) Oil.

Safflower Oil – cold pressed from the Safflower seeds – comes from a flower which petals are thin and oblong, resembling the Saffron look. Because of that, Safflower Oil is referred to as cosmetic Saffron oil. The main difference between these oils is that while the Safflower is a typical natural oil, Saffron oil is simply an ethereal substance that is produced by soaking it in another oil, that is called maceration. Saffron Oil is exclusive and expensive, while the Safflower is inexpensive and generally available. In addition, it is much better when it comes to hair care (its undoubted advantage is that it prevents hair loss). Safflower oil also moisturises hair and skin and prevents the loss of water from the strands. It is ideal for thin, weak hair, in need of regeneration and nourishment, dull and brittle. Saffron Oil is an antidote for ageing and greying hair. It will also take care of your skin and will help to smooth out wrinkles.

Both Safflower oil and Saffron Oil are natural substances with great rejuvenating, moisturising and protective powers. Nevertheless, for hair care, Safflower Oil is recommended, especially for hair oil treatment. However, it is not the only one that will stop hair loss. Irreplaceable in this respect is also Castor Oil, Pine Oil, Black Seed OIl, Maracuja Oil. The ideal solution is to use properly selected oil blends – the combination of their extraordinary properties will increase their effects on the hair. It is also a good idea to pay attention to shampoos and hair conditioners containing natural oils. One thing is certain: since the whole world has learned about the power and strength of natural hair oils, they should never be missing from our bathroom. The following descriptions will help you choose the best hair oil products:


Nanoil Hair Oil with natural oils

Each of the three types of Nanoil Hair Oil (available in three versions – each matched for specific porosity and hair structure, each with a varied range of natural oils) is a sensational, beautifying and regenerating potion that works on both external hair structures (to smooth, protect and beautify) as well as inside the hair to repair damage, such as broken sulphide bonds, strengthen and improve the condition of the bulbs. Nanoil Hair Oil has carefully selected oils to match various types of hair. They are aided by a number of care, beauty and regenerating substances (such as hair building blocks, or softening components). Nanoil is more than just an oil responsible for beautifying and nourishing hair. It contains two substances that inhibit hair loss and boot its growth, that also improve the thickness and volume.

Botanicals Fresh Care L’oreal – hair care series with Safflower Oil


The oil discussed in the introduction is the basis for the recently released Botanicals Fresh Care series from L’oreal. It includes shampoo, lotion, hair mask and special pomade to tame unruly strands. The whole line is intended for dry and damaged hair, which lacks hydration, resilience and vitality. Regularly applied products of the Botanicals Fresh Care series will shield hair from sun radiation or hot air produced by blow-dryers. The cosmetics do not contain artificial dyes and parabens, and the packaging materials are biodegradable and can be recycled. The L’Oreal series with Safflower Oil gives your hair day-to-day flexibility, prevents dehydrating, delivers softens, elasticity and glow. Botanicals Fresh Care L’Oreal is a great series that provides a good base for oiling your hair with natural oils. Safflower oil will help you treat dry, damaged and high porosity hair. This type of hair, in addition to the absolutely required hair oiling, also requires a daily, constant portion of moisturising and nourishing, and protection.